Sell Ur Bike Stuff is August 19th

  • Join us for our second Swap Meet to raise funds for FCW!

    1. Buy a vendor spot and sell all your bike stuff that's been sitting in a box in your garage waiting to be put to use.
    2. Come and shop around for great used bicycle parts that may be just what you've been looking for
    3. Come buy food from Hungry Monkey Food Truck (I recommend the Wyatt Earp and Banana Pudding!)
    4. Come and buy a coffee from Solar Coffee and learn about how they use solar power to make every delicious cup!

    Vendor spots are $20 each. If you register for a spot before August 10th, they are only $15 each! Email to claim a vendor spot as soon as possible!

    Proceeds from vendor spots and portions of proceeds from Hungry Monkey and Solar Coffee sales benefit Franklinton Cycleworks! So come on down even if you are not shopping for bike parts!

    [Facebook event]