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Every year, PeopleForBikes.org surveys our supporters to understand how bicycling fits into their lives. We have found that some of you are crazy about bikes and ride every day, while others ride occasionally or even not at all. That's what we think is cool about our movement - we represent everyone who is for bicycling, no matter how many bikes they own or what type of riding they do.
We know you are busy, so we shortened our survey from last year's edition. Please consider taking a few moments to fill it out. The information you submit helps us make the case for bicycling and understand how and why Americans ride bikes.
Completing the survey makes you eligible to win one of two $250 gift cards redeemable at a local bike shop or one of five PeopleForBikes.org prize packages.
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Survey rules: http://www.peopleforbikes.org/pages/survey_giveaway_rules
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Bruno Maier
Vice President, PeopleForBikes.org