My lovely Fuji Crosstown 3.0 was stolen off of my front porch in Victorian Village Wednesday morning. It is a white (with gold lettering), 19" hybrid, that I was only just starting to understand and really enjoy. Some identifying features are a black rear rack, and if they haven't removed them by now, mounts for front/rear lights and a U-lock. I am absolutely determined to have this bike find it's way back to me; my deductible is too high to cover the cost of the bike, so I cannot afford to replace it. So please, if you see a white Fuji on one of your rides out, please let me know. I have proof of ownership and the serial on hand - which have been filed in a police report. 

And to everyone in the Short North/Victorian Village area - bring your bikes inside. There has been a spike in bike thefts, breaking through u-lock and cables like it is no-body's business!

(I do apologize if this is an inappropriate place to post, but I am hoping the bike community can help me out!)