Why do you ride?

My name is Carrie and I’d love to find out Why Do You Ride?
I’m just a girl who’s simply trying to re-awaken the compassion in people whilst mitigating the destructive and competitive behaviour brought on by social structures rather than human nature.
Inspired by Copenhagen Cycle Chic founder and Urban mobility expert Mikael Colville-Andersen, Project: Why Do You Ride? extends the concept of Copenhagen Cycle Chic by uncovering the person behind the bicycle.  Afterall, cyclists are people too.
For myself, riding has re-invigorated memories, which in the craziness of life, had been previously pushed aside and left idle.
If you’d like to participate or be part of the discussion or show your support for the project please use the hashtag #whyiride in your tweets.
And if you’d like to connect, you can always find me on Twitter @cangreenbechic or via email.