15 Made-in-the-USA Bike Products [Active]

Let’s play word association. Bikes + American Made = What Company? Schwinn? Wrong, they gave up in the 1990s. Huffy? Nope. While the Ohio brand held on a little longer, cranking out bikes in Missouri and Mississippi into the late '90s, it eventually moved to China like so many other bicycle frame, accessory and component companies.
But that tide is gradually turning as transportation and foreign labor costs rise, and the communications and logistics pitfalls of producing products in far-flung countries become apparent. To be sure, local manufacturing is making sense for more and more companies.
From cottage-industry operations like Walz Caps in California to companies operating on the cutting edge of composite technology like ENVE in Utah, U.S. manufacturing is experiencing a quiet resurgence. Here are 15 companies that have found success making parts, accessories and whole bikes in the good ol' U.S. of A.