Attention OSU students! FREE, yes FREE bike tours are available from Yay Bikes!

How We Roll is a unique cyclist outreach campaign funded by the Ohio Department of Transportation and designed by Yay Bikes! to teach university students to ride bicycles confidently in traffic, foster a positive bike culture on campus and reduce the incidence of bike/car crashes in the university area.

How We Roll seeks to change the behaviors that most often lead to crashes: failing to stop at red lights and stop signs, not equipping bicycles with lights at night and riding on sidewalks. The campaign features grassroots outreach, mass media, free swag and lights, community building events and educational bicycle tours on which experienced cyclists share “how they roll” with their fellow students. 

How We Roll's success at The Ohio State University during fall 2011 has lead ODOT and Yay Bikes! to replicate the capaign at the University of Akron beginning Fall 2013. Contact Meredith to explore bringing How We Roll to your university!

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