Best iPhone and Android apps for cycling

With today's launch of the new iPhone 5 and the average person's ever increasing dependence on their smartphone, there has never been a better time to combine your mobile device with your cycling.
There’s something very powerful in your pocket that you probably aren’t using to its full potential. Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android-based handsets offer a range of applications to turn your humble phone into a powerful cycling aid. They can help you track your training, get you fitter and even fix your bike. Here’s how…
Bike Doctor 2
Compatibility: iPhone and Android
Cost: £2.99/$4.99
The bike doctor app features 29 of the most common repairs. From fixing punctures to stopping gears from skipping, the app will take you through it step by step. It’s a useful guide to have in your pocket at all times ready for emergencies. The app also contains a safety check to make sure everything is running smoothly before a ride.
Download Bike Doctor 2 for iPhone | Android
Bike Hub
Compatibility: iPhone
Cost: Free
 Bike Hub promises to get you from A to B via the best route for cycling. This app lets you decide between a quiet route, a fast route or a balance of the two. The Bike Hub app stands out with its really useful listing of local bike shops, so you can always locate one nearby. The best part is, it's free to download. 
Download Bike Hub for iPhone