BMC urbanchallenge is pretty nice looking urban bike

Powered by Gates Carbon Drive.

The urbanchallenge shares the adventurous genes of its brother AC01, but is more built with metropolitan inspiration. City life is often stressful and the urbanchallenge is there to help you escape when there seems to be no time left for recreation. With its fenders, lighting system and city-proof transmissions, the urbanchallenge helps riders feel safe and confident in all weather and traffic conditions.

The skeleton concept iSC (integrated Skeleton Concept) has been around since the first legendary promachine. Since then, the concept has spent over a decade being refined and redefined. The idea is saving weight by supporting the top tube at the seat tube and increasing the stiffness where it is needed. In the front triangle of the frame. With the help of the latest in FEM (Finite Elements Method) computer technology, we can tailor each tube junction perfectly to the distribution of forces. Cleverly selected skeletal reinforcement elements at the nodal points and the spread of the top tube distribute the impacting forces perfectly and result in BMC's typical crosslock.