Budnitz Model No.3 Honey Edition

Model No.3 Honey Edition is our ultimate all-around city bicycle with an elegant makeover, including a Brooks titanium-rail honey-leather saddle, matching honey grips, and German-made creme tires. Titanium seatpost, badges, and handlebars.
Paul Budnitz conceived of No.3 as a very fast bicycle that would be ideal for urban riding, with two big 29-inch wheels and wide tires that comfortably fly over rough roads.
Model No.3’s frame geometry is aggressive enough so that the rider has real power behind the pedals but does not sacrifice elegance or comfort.
Two 29-inch wheels with 2.0” tires roll over bumps, gravel, jump curbs — just about anything you’ll encounter on a city street. The lightweight cro-moly steel No.3 cantilever frame is gorgeous, absorbs road shock, and handles magnificently as a good steel frame should. Optional titanium stem and a specially made titanium Chris King headset.
Carbon belt drive is lightweight, silent, and requires no grease — so you won’t get your pants dirty. Your choice of single speed or the latest clean & quiet Shimano Alfine 11-speed internal transmission.
Powder coated cro-moly steel with brushed titanium badges. Includes our unique lifetime theft replacement policy at no extra cost.
Handmade in the USA with top-end components by Chris King, Paul Components, Velocity, Yakazuno, Thomson.