Coop’s new bike parking will debut at this weekend’s Art Harvest Festival [Pittsburgh] - Nice rack!

Last week The East End Food Coop put the final touches on 30 new and secure spaces for its patrons and employees to park their bikes.  The 30 spots are spread over two locations on The Factory’s property; a parking spot turned Bike Corral and an indoor rack / work-station.
The East End Food Coop, along with The Factory’s landlord, developed the property’s first Bike Corral in the parking spot adjacent to the outdoor picnic area. The Corral consists of ten new ‘swerve’ racks with space enough for twenty bikes. Its convenient location will provide bikers easy access to the coop, a safe area to pack their bike with groceries, and a more quiet space for picnickers to enjoy a car free meal!
Ten more bikes can be parked at five new swerve racks located inside the main entrance to The Factory. These spots will be used primarily for employee bike parking. A Dero Fix-it station, equipped with all the tools needed for basic bike maintenance, will also be located in this area to give employees and customers the opportunity to make quick adjustments or inflate their tires before hitting the road.