Letters to the Editor - Bikes have right to share the road [Cinci]

In the letter “Nothing healthy in exercising in the street” (April 16) the writer decried the dangers of bikers riding in the road. As someone who commutes often by bike I will bring up two points: Technically as a ‘vehicle,’ a bicycle has just as much right to the road as a car; and it is actually safer to ride in the street where cars plainly see you than on the sidewalk where you are often in the blindspot. Regarding this, check the laws which dictate in Cincinnati that any bicyclists over the age of 15 are not to ride on the sidewalks. If this upsets the reader so much, I ask if he has pushed for an adequate, “safe” bike trail system that does not confine bikers to parks? Bikes are more than exercise equipment, so share the road.
Bennett O. Dowling