Mad River Bike Trail Extension!

cyclingGreat news for commuters and recreational cyclists alike: ground has been broken and construction begun on the extension of the Mad River Recreation Bike Trail. Currently, the 2.6 mile trail runs along the Mad River, connecting downtown Dayton's Great Miami River Trail at Webster Street to Eastwood MetroPark. 
The extension, scheduled to be completed this fall, will add 3.5 miles of trail from its current terminal at Eastwood MetroPark to Huffman MetroPark and the Wright Brothers-Huffman Prairie Bike Trail. 
This relatively small section of additional trail has huge implications! Not only will MoMBA, MetroParks Mountain Bike Area now be assessable by bike from downtown, but Wright State University and Wright Patterson Air Force Base will have a safe and reliable bike connection to the rest of the 330 miles of trails in the Miami Valley.


  1. I will certainly watch out for this trail extension. I mean, you can't complain about the previous ones but this would definitely be a highlight for all my fellow commuters and cyclists.


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