Pro Walk Pro Bike 2014 will be held in “America’s most livable city” - PITTSBURGH!

Photo by Flickr user Lisa Xing

Project for Public Spaces (PPS) announced last Friday at the closing of Pro Walk Pro Bike 2012 in Long Beach, CA that the next location for their conference will be held in Pittsburgh. Pro Walk Pro Bike is one of the leading bike/ped conferences in the world, attracting nearly 1000 planners, engineers, advocates, elected officials, public health officials, and urban designers to participate in the week long symposium.
Why Pittsburgh? “It certainly doesn’t hurt that we rank 4th in the nation in terms of biking and walking as primary modes of transportation,” said Scott Bricker, executive director of Bike Pittsburgh. He added, “There’s been a buzz about Pittsburgh for years in the biking and walking world, but it remains a hidden gem. Pro Walk Pro Bike will be the great unveiling of Pittsburgh to all the leading advocates, elected leaders, planners, urban designers and engineers who are transforming cities throughout the world into world class places for biking and walking. It will be our time to shine, to show off our wonderful neighborhoods, riverfronts, bridges, public spaces, bikeways and steps, but also learn from the best and brightest how to make Pittsburgh’s neighborhoods and streets safer and more livable.”