PSU research makes connection between bike-friendly and bottom line -@yaybikes gets it! [bikeportland]

Researcher Kelly Clifton at a presentation at City Hall today.
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)
Portland State University researcher Kelly Clifton has shared more detailed data on her research into how mode choice impacts spending behaviors. After talkingto Clifton at the outset of her research and then sharing some initial findings back in July, I learned more about her findings at the Bureau of Transportation'smonthly Bicycle Brown Bag discussion series held at City Hall today.
According to data from 1,884 surveys taken outside various establishments, non-driving customers — those who show up by bike, on foot, or via transit — are often more valuable in terms of dollars spent than customers who arrive in a car. This data flies in the face of the often heard perspective that automobile access should be the highest priority to ensure business success.

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