Adventure Ride to False Cape State Park VA

24 miles
Sandbridge start
Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge
False Cape State Park - found two large shells on the pristine beach
Lunch in what used to be a settlement with a church and cemetery

Wildlife sightings
Frogs - en masse and single
Owl vs Snake fight to the death - Bill and I rode into a campground and saw a bird attacking something. We parked the bikes and headed over to where we thought the animal was located. All of a sudden an owl about one and a half foot tall popped up out of the weeds with a snake wrapped around its body from talons to  mouth. It immediately fell over in a struggle. We headed to the end of the trail and when we passed back through the owl was still struggling. We left toward the end of False Cape and on the way back though we stopped and the owl was gone. Owl WIN!
We did not see and pigs except for where they root around in the weeds.