Helmet Sensor 'Calls Your Loved Ones' in a Bike Crash [gearjunkie]

It looks like a tiny yellow pill. But a to-be-released sensor from ICEdot, a Tulsa, OK., company, can detect an impact and communicate with a smartphone to alert a loved one in the event of a crash.
When it comes to market next year you’ll be able to stick the yellow sensor dot to your bike or ski helmet. Using technology that detects sudden motion, the sensor can communicate with a smartphone to “send critical data to an app, which sounds an alarm and initiates an emergency countdown.”
bike helmet.jpg

Mock-up of ICEdot sensor on bike helmet
Basically, if the sensor detects sudden motion and impact it assumes you crashed. It then sends a wireless signal (Bluetooth LE) to your phone, which auto-starts a countdown before alerting loved ones or other emergency contacts about the situation with a text message.
Your GPS coordinates will be automatically sent. This lets your contacts alert emergency services if needed.
If the fall is not critical, the crash victim can simply shut down the countdown clock on their phone and cancel the process.