Meet The Company That Made Facebook And Apple Bike Friendly [FastCompany]

How do you get your company on the list of most bicycle-friendly businesses? Talk to Bikes Make Life Better, which will help you change your policies and practices to make your office a place people want to bike to.

Half a decade ago, if you said you worked for an "organizational bicycle consultancy," you would have been laughed out of the room. But then, as a wave of environmental-friendliness washed over Silicon Valley, startups and established tech companies started to think about implementing on-campus bikeshare programs and bike commuting initiatives. Two years ago, Bikes Make Life Better swooped in to help them--and anyone else itching to start a bike program. Now three of the bicycle consultancy’s clients (Apple, Facebook, Williams-Sonoma) have received Bicycle Friendly Business awardsfrom the League of American Bicyclists. Guess that consulting really paid off.
What exactly does a bicycle consultancy do? In essence, says Bikes Make Life Better Co-Founder Amy Harcourt, "we plan, design, and implement and support any kind of program related to bikes in an organizational setting." If a company is in need of bikes, Harcourt and her team help them figure out the best kind to get, how to outfit them, and how to brand them. For Mozilla, Bikes Make Life Better did a fleet of bright orange Firefox-themed bikes decked out with flames. They also work on transportation management, corporate bike centers, events (like group rides), bike workshops, and biking challenges, among other things...
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