Racklove is a nice place to buy and sell bikes. We're mainly focused in San Francisco, but everyone is free to join. These guidelines are what keeps our community nice. Read through the following page to get a sense of what Racklove is about.
If there's anything you'd like to add feel free to contact us by email:rohin@racklove.com or give us a call at (415) 937-RACK.
  1. Be excellent to each other

    There are already plenty of places on the web to sell your bike if you’re just trying to get rid of it and get some cash. This is a place for people who love bikes to treat each other awesomely.
  2. Use a beautiful picture

    Your bicycle is art.
  3. Tell your story

    In the description of the bike you are selling, tell us not only about the bike but also about your experience. Every bike has a story. Share yours.
  4. Put an end to bike theft

    If you don't have a description that shows you are the true owner of the bicycle you're selling, this is not the place for you to sell the bike. Bike theft is prevalent only because it's easy to resell stolen bikes online. Join us in ending that.