2012 Dirty Dozen Just One Week Away!

2012 DD Start & Registration Info is on my website at:

With seasonal weather predicted, I expect the biggest starting field ever - well over 300 riders.  My primary concern is safety.  Even though I plan to have more marshals than ever wearing red vests at intersections, I can't guarantee that all 87 intersections will be marshaled, so please ride defensively - assuming there is no marshal.  This is especially important for stragglers who have been dropped off of the back of the main group/pack.  I need more riding and car marshals.  If you are able to volunteer, please e-mail me at:
DanChew@yahoo.com or call me at (412)421-3143

30th Annual Dirty Dozen t-shirts are on sale at:

Welcome new sponsor Red Bull energy drink:

And returning sponsors Eat'n Park:

and Big Bang Bicycles:
where Dirty Dozen registered riders can get a 20% discount on bicycles & equipment/parts,
and a 25% discount on clothing.  

Big Bang will have two support vehicles on the Dirty Dozen route.  

With the exception of hill #4 (High St./Seavey Rd. in Etna) because there is a food stop after it in Millvale Riverfront Park, and hill #9 Canton Avenue in Beechview because there is a food stop on top of it, we will wait 10 minutes from the time I get to the top of hills until we move on to the next hill.  

Unfortunately, the old hill #6 - Rialto St. (Pig Hill) will be eliminated from the Dirty Dozen this year - so there are only 12 hills.  PA Rt. 28 construction has done away with the flat section at the bottom where we used to start from.  There is no longer a safe way to get riders up the hill.  

Even though I am going 10 places deep in the men's race, there are only about 50 people who realistically have a chance of scoring any points all day.  Can the rest of the group please respect this, and allow them to move to the front of the group at the bottom of hills?  I do not have an official city permit, and we do not want the police or city to shut down the Dirty Dozen, so please be polite to drivers and police along the route.  

If you are worried about getting lost, please use this cue sheet:

of the old route.  We no longer ride through the Liberty Tunnels (illegal), so at mile 30.65 on the cue sheet, please follow these directions:

At TL, straight across Pioneer Ave
At TL Slight right to merge onto PA-51 S/Saw Mill Run Blvd toward Uniontown
Turn left at TL onto Bausman St
Climb up thru McKinley Park
Turn right to stay on Bausman St
Turn left at TL onto Brownsville Rd
At TL at Arlington Ave., Continue straight onto S 18th St
Straight thru TL at Pius/Mission Streets
Turn right to stay on S 18th St
Straight at TL at Jane St
Straight at TL at Sarah St
Turn left at TL onto E Carson St
Straight thru TL at 17th St
Straight thru TL at 14th St
Turn left at TL onto S 12th St
Continue onto Brosville St (11th hill starts)
to get over Mt. Oliver (a connecting hill with no points awarded) and down to the South Side back to the cue sheet at mile 33.2

If the Bud Harris Cycling Track (oval) parking lot fills up (please do not box any parked cars in, and do not use the handicap spots, and do not park to the left (as you drive in) in police spots.  Please go about 0.5 mile North (past the oval on your left) on Washington Blvd. (towards the Allegheny River) to the gravel lot on your left for overflow parking.  

If you plan on being on the hills to cheer on riders, please do not clog up the narrow streets by driving on them while the riders are climbing them.  Plan to be at about every 3rd hill.

Head marshal Chris Helbling (wearing a red vest) will be holding a marshals meeting at 9 am at the oval if you would like to volunteer.  

Even if you have pre-registered, please check in (find your name on my sheets and run a bright colored highlighter marker over it), and sign a release liability waiver if you need to.

The official DD after party will again be held at Over The Bar Bicycle Cafe at 2518 E. Carson St. on the South Side at 7pm.

Good Luck to all the riders!


website: http://www.dannychew.com