3rd Annual Fall Adventurefest [Cycle Detours]

As the paved trail turned to gravel, I remembered why I was doing this in the first place. Having questioned the time off, the money I was spending, the week of pay I was missing, remembering how important it is to get off the beaten path reminded me well. My own pace, my own style. Just me, my bike, and a fishin pole.

Talk and feel of rain all day kept me headed to the campsite, not wanting to set up in the rain. There, I fished for smallmouth while standing in the Kokosing River. The people running the campground, beer in hand, delivered firewood to my campsite free of charge, and told me I was going to get rained out. After a night of pouring rain, I woke up in better spirits than expected.
Off to Amish country, trails I expected to be paved were mud, and the simple life I expected to find was simply religion. Coming across puddles on the trail and Amish electric bikes costing more than my modest machine made me start the deep thought part of the trip. The Amish I talked to had Bionx hub equipped hybrids to make the hills easier, and though they can't drive, they paid people to get them to the laundromat. Where I once thought laziness was scarce, I realized was abounding. Religious rules were the only thing abounding here. I wondered how many in this culture liked this style of life, and how many simply thought that our way was sinful?

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