Car Culture Rules This Bicycle Street [Copenhagenize]

At least 100 citizen cyclists at each light here in the rush hour. #cyclechic #copenhagen #bike
I was standing down on Dronning Louise's Bridge this morning, in the midst of the rush hour. I was waiting for a film crew to arrive to shoot a little clip for the Danish Architecture Center. They were late. Stuck in traffic. When they arrived I could see their film gear could have easily fit onto a cargo bike and I mocked them accordingly - with a smile.

While I was waiting I beheld the morning rush hour on the busiest bicycle street in the world. I still am amazed to stand there and watch it. I never tire of it.

I started counting the number of bicycle users who were waiting at each and every light cycle. There were at least 120-150 in the peak of the rush hour and they were, as a rule, backed up because of the red light.

This is where the otherwise brilliant Green Wave (cycle 20 km/h and hit green lights) dies.

At each traffic light cycle there were, on average 2-8 single occupant cars, as well as many busses. In the photo above there is one car waiting for the light and more than 100 bicycle users - the queue continues out of frame to the right.

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