Columbus PediCab for SALE!

Want to make good money and have lots of fun?! Ever want to learn what it takes to be a pedicabber? 

This gig literally payed (sic) my way through undergrad, and kept me in amazing shape.

Then why am I selling it if its so great?! I'm going to grad school soon (outside of Columbus), and need the money to travel beforehand!

What you get:
A high quality pedicab (descriptions below)
Be self employed making at least $15-$20 an hour (some events will be $80/hour) $15,000-$18,000 over the course of the year
detailed description and coaching on how to make money (I've been doing this in Columbus for 5 years)
detailed lists of how much we've made at what events (so you know whats worth your time)
All the contacts you need to work, maintain, and run your business
detailed explanation and contacts of all venues we make money at
Discounts on the sale price for leasing your Advertising space to me.

Also, you must be self motivated and probably like riding bikes!

These Pedicabs go for about 4+k after shipping. I'm selling my Pedicabs at two price points. $2.8k . and $2.7k if you let me advertise on it for a year. I have one bike that needs fiberglass work that's $2.25k, and one that needs a new axle for $2.2k .

All bikes are outfitted with new (this year) high quality SRAM components: good cranks, working shifters, new bombproof rims, good tires, working lights etc. Website, company name, and FB page are $5k .

I will also throw in lots of extras like pumps and tools with your purchase.