First impressions: Copenhagen airport's bicycle pump [Business Life]

What message does Copenhagen airport's bicycle pump give its visitors? 
The bike pump always cheers me up. But we'll come 
to that. Let me explain. I travel a lot, more than 20 countries and 150 days a year, and I've become a connoisseur of the little details that make up a nation. Apart from the few countries whose international standing comes from their economic power or military might, most nations 
are set apart by the Soft Power of their culture: their design, their music and the character of their people.
Take Denmark as an example. Successful, yes, but we don't think of it as a military or economic powerhouse. Instead, perhaps, we see it more as a haven of good-looking people sitting on modernist furniture. And if you happen to be travelling to Copenhagen airport right now, then very shortly, if you look to the left as you come through the doors from passport control, you will see mounted on the wall not entreaties against smuggling, or a tribute to a great leader, but an industrial-grade, no-messing, plumbed-in bicycle pump.