November 10th
Meet 9am at Time's Up! Brooklyn
99 South 6th St, Williamsburg

November 11th 
Staring point and destination chandged to same as Saturday's!
Meet 9m at Time's Up! Brooklyn
99 South 6th St, Williamsburg

photo by Jonathan Maus / BikePortlandRide to the neighborhoods worst hit by Sandy and provide relief – not just from cold and hunger, but also from fossil fuels! We will pick up blankets and food from Occupy Sandy locations and take them to Rockaway and Staten Island, along with an energy bike and mobile bike repair unit to provide sustainable power and transportation.   We'll have music and hopefully start some good old fashioned street parties in spots where people need to heat up their bodies and community spirit!  Location of the distribution centers will be announced Friday night on twitter feed @nyctimesup

[See more at Time's Up]


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