Gravel Rouser reDux recap 11112012

Gravel Rouser route starting in Lake Hope
7 cyclists (Bill, Doug, Steve, Carey, Tim, Phil, myself)
I was trying out a new Salsa Fargo, Carey was on Ogre, Steve on Karate Monkey, Tim on fat bike, Phil on mtb, others were on touring bikes. The Salsa Fargo has Conti Race King 2.2 tubeless wheelset which is fairly efficient in most conditions.
2800ft climbing
43.5 miles
Max speed 41.6mph

Moonville tunnel
Moonville wooden tunnel - see pics

As we were heading into Mineral a horse decided to be playful and break out of the pen to run alongside us. We corralled the horse back into the fence only to have it run to the end of the field and break out again. It followed us into Mineral where it sauntered away from us.

Horse video courtesy of Bill