Help develop a biking product

I am writing from Boston, MA to ask you to send out my 10 product questions regarding a biking item I am developing to your group, along with my email address to collect replies. Your help in forwarding this is greatly appreciated. 
Questions for customers: 
1) Do you use a bike basket? 
2) If you bike with a basket do you feel limited when you shop by the amount you can carry?  3) Would you pick a backpack you really do not love over a side carry you love the looks of for bike riding? 
4) The perfect bag for your bike riding has what additional features ?  
5) Are you interested in a green lifestyle?  
7) Would you buy a bag with messages about being green printed on it? Ex) shop local, clean and green 
8) Are you interested in monogrammed items? 
9) Are you interested in "statement" items printed with your favorite places in the US? Ex) those black and white oval circles that you see on cars with airport call letters? ACK Nantucket, BOS Boston 
10) What other style features or decorations catch your eye when looking at bags?  
Please copy and paste this to an email and send your reply to Thanks for your help. Leigh