Iva Jean: Bike Fashion for Women, Spring 2013 [Kickstarter]

Inspiring women to bike with style and confidence, we design functional and fashionable clothing that works on and off your bike.

  • Launched: Nov 7, 2012
  • Funding ends: Dec 7, 2012
At Iva Jean, we know the joy of riding a bike. We know the satisfaction of a sunrise commute and the happiness in an afternoon ride to meet friends. We believe every woman deserves to experience the thrill. 
That’s why Iva Jean focuses on providing the products and resources that inspire women to BIKE EVERYWEAR.


I started Iva Jean in early 2010 to encourage women to get on a bike and ride with the style, personality and confidence they bring to every other aspect of their lives.

Over the years, biking has become a huge part of my life. The more comfortable I became, the more I realized that I didn’t need to become a sports enthusiast or wear head-to-toe spandex to ride. Today, I bike in everyday clothes and at a pace I feel comfortable with – I take in the joy of seeing the city from a different perspective and giving a nod to ladies looking chic on their bikes.

I believe that while we shouldn’t have to buy a lot of gear to ride, the items that we do buy should be functional and fashionable, working on and off our bikes.

Working closely with designers, seamstresses and manufacturers in Seattle, I launched the Rain Cape in Fall 2011. Around that time, Iva Jean was selected as the Fashion Grand Prize Winner in DailyCandy’s Start Small, Go Big contest. Since then, Iva Jean has received both local and national press, with features in Momentum and Seattle Met Magazines, A Cup of Jo, Lovely Bicycle!; and showing at Model Citizens NYC, San Francisco Bike Expo’s Pedal Savvy and Seattle Magazine’s The Forecast. 


Over the last year, my team and I have been working to expand our line. The design of the Rain Cape has been improved and we have developed several new pieces including the Reveal Skirt, Daily Blouse, and Two-way Reflective Vest. These pieces are the foundation for any woman looking to build a street-to-bike wardrobe.

The Reveal Skirt provides women with a tailored, straight skirt that unzips in the back to expose additional fabric for easy pedaling. This durable, four-way stretch skirt is cut with a higher waist for coverage while riding and uses a side invisible zipper and darting for a tailored fit. Schoeller-Dryskin Fabric. Sizes 0-14. Black.