SoBi: Social Bicycle - a cheaper bike share solution

Social Bicycles Demo from Social Bicycles on Vimeo.

SoBi's industrial designers, engineers, and software developers are working together to build the world's first bicycle with an on-board computer, mobile communications, and an integrated GPS-enabled lock. This disruptive product and the supporting mobile and web applications will create a flexible, scalable, and affordable bike sharing system.
Our solution will be approximately 1/4th the cost of station-based bike sharing, allowing systems to be deployed in a wide range of settings.

Ryan Rzepecki


RyanRyan has a B.S. in Marketing from Penn State University and a Masters in Urban Planning from Hunter College. The bicycle has been his primary mode of transportation for the last four years, and bicycle advocacy has been both his passion and profession. Prior to developing SoBi, Ryan worked for the NYC Department of Transportation in the bicycle program. At the DOT, he sited bike racks, edited the bike map, conducted field research on bike facilities, and organized cycling promotions.

Ted Ullrich

Industrial Designer

Ted is a cyclist and urban density advocate who uses technology towards connecting people and improving the built environment!
Ted is the founder of Tomorrow Lab, a consultancy and creative testing ground of ideas and products for a better tomorrow. He has degrees in Inventive Design Engineering from Purdue University and Industrial Design from Georgia Tech's College of Architecture, where he was a studio instructor.

Nick Foley

Industrial Designer

Nick FNick is a designer and bike mechanic who loves how bicycles make life more efficient.
He studied industrial design at Pratt Institute where he experimented with bicycles that were optimized for 'non-cyclist' commuters. Nick gets excited about using design to make urban infrastructure more sustainable, and creating objects that return a sense of wonder to everyday activities.