Spring 2013 Launch Announced for Columbus BikeShare (@MichaelBColeman)

Alta Bicycle Share has been selected to bring a cutting-edge bike share system to Columbus. The project will install a network of 300 bikes at 30 Downtown locations, enabling users to visit any station to borrow a bike, ride for any amount of time and return the bike at any of the 30 stations. Using a swipe card, the automated system will feature yearly memberships, single-day uses, and 3-day passes, all of which can be easily purchased at a station or online. Each time a member uses a bike, the first 30 minutes are free, followed by incremental charges each half hour thereafter.

“BikeShare is a low-cost, 24-hour transit system,” Mayor Coleman said. “We’ve taken big steps toward making Columbus one of the best biking cities in the nation, and I’m excited to add bike sharing to the mix.”

The specialized 3-speed bikes are designed for users 18 years and older and feature adjustable seats, safety lights, fenders and a basket as well as components to prevent theft and tampering. Alta will employ a full-time team to maintain the bikes and stations and to redistribute bikes throughout the city as necessary.

“This program is a fabulous addition for Downtown, and I have no doubt we will see a significant increase in bicycle traffic,” said Cleve Ricksecker, executive director of the Capital Crossroads and the Discovery Special Improvement Districts. “Columbus BikeShare will be a big amenity not only for visitors to Columbus, but for Downtown employees and residents. “

Legislation authorizing a onetime expenditure of $2,268,550 will be considered at City Council Monday. If approved, the city would take ownership of the bikes and stations to be operated by Alta Bicycle Share. Future sponsorship opportunities will include naming rights, and advertising placement on bikes and stations.

Proposed station locations will be sited and discussed with residents and businesses this fall. Initial locations are centered in the Downtown area around attractions and employment centers. Installation of the first stations and bicycles are expected to begin June 1.


  1. This is a really great project! Bicycles available at the nearest post is just exciting and it's pretty convenient too in any given situation. Spring of 2013 can't come soon enough.


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