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Adam Eldridge the the trusty SRS Postal Jeep
Adam Eldridge and the trusty SRS Postal Jeep (Photo courtesy of John Watson)
From the Stanridge site – 
My name is Adam Eldridge. Stanridge Cycles is my creation. I’m often asked, “How and where did you learn to do this?” When I’m standing at the vice running over the 4130 chromoly with a bastard file, I have plenty of time to think: how did I get to this point? Honestly, placing my finger on one singular event in my life that motivated me to craft Stanridge Cycles is not easy.
I’ve never been one to shy from a challenge. At eighteen, I was running on southern Atlanta roads and pushing deep into the “pain cave.” Coach Westbrook pushed us hard. It was during those years that I learned to push my limits to achieve a goal. A state championship my final year cemented the value of hard work. Back then I didn’t want to get stuck out on the red clay back roads or beaten back to school by teammates. Now, as I am building my future and the legacy of Stanridge Cycles, I am continually reaching back to the lessons learned on long endurance runs.
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During the summers early in my life, I spent time with both my grandfathers in their shops. Papaw made a living in auto upholstery. Granddad was an entrepreneur who focused on gas, oil and everything mechanical. My grandfathers’ influence was the primary motivation that drove me to develop the skill set I would need to handcraft Stanridge Cycles. Stanridge is an amalgamation of their surnames. It was their love of craftsmanship, the pride in their work, and the way they carried themselves that left such a lasting impression on me.
As consumers we’ve grown tired of mundane factory-produced goods. The last few years have pushed us to spend a few extra minutes examining our consumption patterns and purchase decisions. Supporting the small guy and creating a lasting relationship is important to us now. American craftsmanship and a staunch resolve shaped this great country into what it is today. Now more than ever, it’s important to bring production back into America, to return to that ingenuity that made us great. I take pride in producing goods here in the U.S.A.
Mentally and physically pushing ourselves to improve Stanridge Cycles consumes every waking minute. The investment, both monetarily and on the clock, is completely worth it. We place a strong emphasis on cultivating relationships with my clients, partners, and employees. Making a perfect bicycle is our utmost goal. Your on-bike experience is paramount.
We’ve brought all aspects of the building process in house. We have the ability to wet paint and machine parts and tubing. We have the best bicycle building jigs on the market and the skill to use them.
It’s not in our nature to rest on our laurels. What can we make for you? How do we make your dream a reality? What is your legacy?

How To Order

Road: $2,198
Track: $1,800
Rando: $2,298
Cross: $2,198

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