Which really is more deadly: cycling or sitting down watching TV? [TheGuardian]

Riskier than a ride through rush-hour traffic - inactivity. Photograph: Victor Rayes/Getty Images
Sometimes, it seems, to get some perspective on the vexed issue ofcycling and particularly cycle safety you need to chat not to a transport expert, let alone a government official, but a scientist.
This occurred to me earlier this week as I watched three fairly eminent scientists with a specialism in public health unveil new recommendations by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence. Our news story on it is here, but in essence it calls for walking and cycling to become the norm for short trips as a way to combat the increasingly desperate extent of health problems connected to inactivity and obesity.
After they'd introduced the report the floor was open for questions. One of the first was on cycle safety: had they taken into account the potential perils of riding a bike?
The answer from Dr Harry Rutter, lead author of the report and an adviser at the National Obesity Observatory – they gather data on obesity, as opposed to peering at the big-boned from a very great distance – is worth quoting in full:

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