Bikes Mean Business [Women on Bikes SoCal]

You're assuming an exciting new role in bike advocacy here in Long Beach. Will you give us an overview of your position as Bike Nation’s Long Beach General Manager, and what your responsibilities will be?
Rolling out a bike share system is a big job, and my role will be to steer that ship within the city. I’ll serve as the point-person to the City of Long Beach, business associations, and the diversity of community organizations with whom we’ll work while also overseeing day-to-day operations and fielding media inquiries. I’m looking forward to assembling a diverse team and also working with our staff in our corporate office on this team effort.
What do you hope your background in community advocacy will help make possible in this role?
I want the bike share program to bring more residents, work commuters, and tourists into our local business districts on bike – thereby increasing customers and sales and decreasing car traffic and parking congestion. This is what I help do through my bicycle-friendly business district work around the U.S. and Canada. I’m passionate about supporting small businesses – the backbone of our economy and what gives each city and business district its unique flavor. I’m happy to say a few big property owners and small business merchants have already asked us for stations in front of their property, because they understand it will help them as well as their neighborhood.
When does Bike Nation expect the system to launch?
We’re rolling out in phases, starting in downtown, where most of the employment and tourist activity is located. We hope to launch the first phase in spring.