Chicago Bike Lane Envy Sweeps the Nation [StreetsBlog]

Who would have thunk it just two years ago: Portland, Seattle — even some New York City residents — jealous of Chicago’s cutting-edge bike infrastructure.

Admit it: Chicago's new Dearborn bike lane makes you a wee bit jealous. Photo: Active Transportation Alliance
But here we sit, roughly a year and a half into Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s first term, and the city of Chicago has a protected, bi-directional bike lane running directly through the heart of its downtown. Bike advocates from major cities are taking notice.
Here’s what Jonathan Maus at Bike Portlandhad to say:
That’s a segment of over one mile on a high-profile downtown street in one of America’s largest cities.
“That’s huge and symbolic,” tweeted Portland Mercury News Editor Denis Theriault upon hearing the news, “[Would] Be like putting one here on Washington or Everett.”
Yeah. If only.
While excited by what’s happening in Chicago (and D.C., and San Francisco, and so on), I can’t help but think how great it would be if Portland could muster something this big.
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