DIY Tire Chains []

Making your own bicycle tire chains was not as hard as I thought it would be. I went to a local hardware store and picked up a few things I needed for this project. It turned out to be fairly inexpensive.
Things I picked up were:
15″ of braided chain $7.20
15″ of 1/16 uncoated cable (picture frame wire) $3.15
3 packs of 1/16 cable ferrule (used to bind wire together) $.78 a pack
A whopping grand total of $13.66 tax included.
Tools needed: needle nose pliers, wire stripper, wire cutter, and zip ties.
First let some air out of your tires.
Then split the chain links into 6 links a strand.tire chain
Lastly, inflate tires for normal use. [See the rest of the build at]