Winter is just around the corner so I though I'd share a little trick I've found for helping keep my toes warm in the cold: tyvek toe warmers.

Materials needed:
tyvek envelope
packing tape

Years ago, a cycling buddy told me to use plastic baggies on my feet to help keep my toes warm in cold weather. It actually worked pretty well, but the bags were pretty much destroyed after a ride or two, necessitating frequent replacement -- plus the bags tended to make my feet feel clammy.

While messing about with an old tyvek envelope last winter, the idea to use tyvek hit me. Tyvek seemed like a perfect fit -- it's waterproof, tough, breathable (somewhat) and basically free.

I prefer used mailing envelopes since they are already softened up, but for this demo, all I had was a new envelope.

Cut the envelope in half -- about 5~6" from the closed end, then cut the closed end in half again.

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