Kickstarting: A More Stylish, Rugged, And Secure Bike Light [FastCompany]

Imagine Ford attempting to sell a car without lights. No doubt, they’d be bucking all sorts of laws, but consumers would never buy it, either. Who would fork up a few hundred bucks a month for a car with no lights? Who would settle to drive a car only during the day? Absurdity!
But expensive bikes are sold without lights every day.
Sparse is a new Kickstarter-backed company that wants to reimagine the world of bike accessories. As silly as that car/bike analogy may seem to a serious biker, Sparse agrees: There’s way too much to worry about when you hop on a bike these days.
“Getting on a bike as your primary mode of transport is more complex than getting in your car--you have to be mindful of weather, distance, attire, and all that stuff that we all need,” CEO Colin Owen writes. “The checklist is simply a bit longer when on a bike vs drive. It’s an underserved and under-considered region of the market.”
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