Laser-shooting LED bike light could improve safety for cyclists [Digital Trends]

blaze bike light
Definitely a useful device for anyone that commutes to work on a bike, the BLAZE bike light helps motorists become aware of cyclists in their blind spot.
Now completely funded on Kickstarter as of today after raising approximately $40,000, the BLAZE bike light projects a symbol of a green bike on the road approximately ten to fifteen feet ahead of the cyclist. Created by a woman named Emily Brooke in London, the light is designed to warn motorists that someone riding a bike is moving up in their blind spot a few seconds before the cyclist appears on the left or right side of a vehicle. Beyond regular sized automobiles, people driving large commercial trucks or buses with much larger blind spots will be able to avoid cyclists more effectively after spotting the laser projection on the road.
blaze in actionBrooke came up with the idea for the BLAZE bike light in order to increase the safety of riding within London. According to the Kickstarter project, nearly four out of five traffic accidents that involve cyclists occur when a vehicle turns into the bike due to the limited space on the road. It could also be useful when a motorist is turning onto a road and is able to see the green bike symbol on the road in front of the car before pulling out.  
The laser module on the BLAZE has two options when activated. In blinking mode, the battery is able to power the laser module for up to twelve hours without requiring a recharge. Alternatively, the laser module can be set in a constant position and the battery is able to power it for six hours. In addition, the battery also powers the white LED light on the device which acts as a small headlight for the bike. In blinking mode, the LED light and laser module alternates in order to draw constant attention to the bike. A cyclist that spends about an hour a day on their bike would likely have to charge the BLAZE once a week in constant mode or once every two weeks in blinking mode.

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