Picnic Furniture That Packs Onto A Bike [FastCompany]

Ah, December. ‘Tis the season for roaring fires, hot toddies, cozy nights, and . . . setting up a tasty meal outdoors? No, probably not. But, as the name of Dutch designer JeriĆ«l Bobbe’s Springtime suggests, his all-in-one al fresco dining set was intended for an entirely different season.

The concept came to him in the park one day, as he was attempting to find a comfortable position while simultaneously scrunched and sprawled out on the grass. “You know, I’m really bad with sitting on the ground,” he tells Co.Design. “My muscles are too short, I guess; I hold still for about five minutes, and then I have to stand up again.” He’s got a point--it can be tough to look cool and casual while fidgeting endlessly, staving off the effects of various limbs falling asleep.
It took him six months to develop the solution, and it includes pretty much everything but the food. The modular unit--which can be carried like a traditional basket, or slung over the back of your bike--has space for plates, flatware, and cups, and unfolds to become your own personal, portable, cafe tableau. “How can you have a romantic picnic without hurting yourself and trying to 'relax’ in many different ways? A cozy table with small chairs was the answer for me,” he says. Lightweight birch was chosen for its strength, while Bobbe selected a pair of “fresh and frisky” color ranges that complement the light wood.

He’s currently in negotiations with suppliers to make Springtime available for purchase. Between this and Jody Kocken’s Urban Picnic, it looks like the Netherlands is well on its way to becoming the stylish picnic capital of the world.