ReCycle [Kickstarter]

The ReCycle Origin Story
It all started with inspiration sparked by a recycled-materials, reusable grocery bag with “ingredients” printed on it attached to a messenger bag. Aluminum. Rubber. Plastic. “Hey. Those are bike parts.” Flash! A few years later, and our prototypes are alive, well and rolling down a street near you. (If you live in Los Angeles.) Against so many odds, we’ve managed to create a head-turning bicycle made from 100%-recycled aluminum, making it the greenest transportation option available anywhere.

Now, it’s time to roll The ReCycle forward and start reducing carbon output and waste by reusing aluminum through a closed-loop, recycling mission to create new and awesome bikes from old and worn out materials.
Our Bikes
L to R: Moshi Moshi, Mudmaste, mBula.
L to R: Moshi Moshi, Mudmaste, mBula.

It’s the cruiser that speaks Fijian. The mBula is named after toasts during kava ceremonies on the beaches of Fiji. Coconuts falling from the trees. Stars that actually look like they go on for infinity. Camaraderie and convivial lounging. These are times that joyously scorch themselves into your psyche.
Just like a ride on the mBula. It looks good. It feels good. It rolls with an ease found usually with your back against a coconut tree and your traveling companions at your side. (Also, it’s pronounced mmm-boo-la.)

Moshi Moshi
In Japan, they answer the phone, “Moshi Moshi.” Heed the call and say, “Howdy!” to your own head-turner.
Golden temples. Misty mountains dotted with the graves of samurai warriors and ancient sages. Traditions followed with precision and meditative concentration. A land focused on the betterment of the group while perfecting the self.
The Moshi Moshi blends tradition with the new new. A fixed gear with a flip-flop hub and styling to blow the kimono off the other riders. Certainly one way to perfect the self and lead the group to betterment.
Japanese-language skills not required.
Namaste,” say all along Nepal’s Annapurna circuit–”I worship the god within you.” Towering peaks and limited oxygen swirl in a heady mix of beauty and wonder unmatched on this planet. When you’re this high you see far and dream big, and wonder at least a bit about your place.
Though, after 28 days without a shower, we decide it’s more like Mudmaste, “I worship the mud upon you.” Mud you can collect anywhere you dream to be with our all-terrain bicycle.
From road to trail, the Mudmaste can get you there while the others bow down to your ride.