The 10 Ways Copenhageners Wait For Red Lights [Cycle Chic]

The 10 Ways Copenhageners Wait For Red Lights
When you spend a few years staring at this thing called Bicycle Culture, you start to see the glorious, human details. The bicycle is a fifth limb for Copenhageners and you would like to think that a few hundred thousand people on a few hundred thousand bicycles would present you with a massive variety of behaviour and anthropological details.

We started noticing posture on bicycles - in particular the way that Copenhageners wait for red lights. We started thinking... is there a pattern to it or was it completely random and individual? 

To our surprise, we learned that there are ten basic postures used for this situation. With variations, of course, but just ten basic postures. 

Waiting for red lights to change to green is an integral part of a daily cycling life in Copenhagen. When you have well-designed bicycle infrastructure, regular citizens wait at red lights at every opportunity.

So... welcome to the Red Light Posture Series. Off we go on a little anthropological journey into the bicycle culture of Copenhagen.

Posture #1: Classic Grace
Old School Poise

Ladies over a certain age - let's say about 50 - often get off their bike at red lights and stand next to it until the light changes. Usually with their outside foot resting gently on the pedal, but sometimes just standing next to the bicycle.

This was the acceptable way to do it back in the day- indeed for decades and decades - and it is so lovely to see it on the bike lanes. So relaxed. Perfect for The Slow Bicycle Movement, actually. 

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