BikeShare is coming to Columbus! 300 Bikes at 30 Stations

BikeShare is Coming to Columbus Tab 

Bike Sharing is an innovative transportation program providing ideal short distance, point-to-point, simple-to-use bikes for moving around the city. It allows users to pick up a bicycle at any self-serve bike station and return it to any bike station in the system’s service area. In Columbus, these stations will be located throughout downtown in relative close proximity to each other (about 1/3 mile apart), allowing for easy access and maximum use. The Columbus Bike Share program starts with 30 stations, each with an average of 10 bikes, a total start-up of 300 bikes.

“This will be a fun, healthy, affordable and green way for our residents to get around Columbus. We've already made Columbus one of the best biking cities in the nation, and this is another big step toward making us even better."
-- Mayor Michael B. Coleman

Hows it Work Tab
Using a swipe card, the automated system will feature yearly memberships, single-day uses, and 3-day passes, all of which can be easily purchased at a station or online. Each time a member uses a bike, the first 30 minutes are free, followed by incremental charges each half hour thereafter. Long and short term memberships will be available to fit the daily, occasional, or visiting user. You can choose from yearly memberships, a weekend, or even just a day. Annual members get a small key fob device that unlocks the bike at any station. Walk-up users will be able sign up with a credit card at any kiosk and given a code for every use of a bike. Then you can use the bike for as many trips as you want within the limit of your membership. It’s ideal for short trips that are 30 minutes or less.

What About the Bikes Tab
The bikes will be an aluminum step-through frame that is light, strong and durable. Easily adjustable seating, active lighting, front mounted luggage carrier, fenders, and puncture resistant tires making the bikes efficient and easy to use.

Give Us Your Input Tab
Do you have a great name for the Columbus BikeShare Program? Or perhaps have an opinion on what color the bikes should be? If so, complete this easy survey below.
If your suggested name is chosen, you will receive one year of complementary access to the Columbus BikeShare Program!