Casting Call for Midwest Bike Messengers

My name is Serita Wesley; I am a Casting Producer with Zodiak USA in New York City.  We are currently casting bike messengers/messenger services in the Midwest for a possible new series.

The reasoning behind our search is for privately owned businesses in the Midwest that deal with customer service and interact face to face with clients on a daily basis.  We are not looking for people who just deal with disgruntled customers, but those who provide a service, have very entertaining employees, and have some funny stories to tell about encounters with customers.

Seeing as though bike messengers and their headquarters deal directly with their customers in a pretty fast paced environment; I feel as though funny interactions, awkward occurrences, misunderstandings and incidents happen on the regular.

If this sounds like your business or a business you know of, then email me at, and tell me all about your business. If you do not fit this description then please feel free to pass this note on anyone who does, that you feel might be great TV!

Thanks so much for your time and have a great day!

Serita M. Wesley
Zodiak USA