Dumpling duo is peddlin' pierogies in Pittsburgh [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Thomas Guentner, 33, of the South Side Slopes and Jeff Newman, 29, of Braddock Hills with their pierogi delivery cart.

Mention the simple pierogi -- an iconic food in these parts -- and one might conjure images of babushka'd babkas cooking the Eastern European peasant dish in the basements of onion-domed Orthodox churches, where recipes are passed between generations.
Typically, it would not put one in mind of a pair of tattooed, 30-ish, ultra-progressive guys, rolling dumplings made from organic dough, cage-free eggs and local produce in the kitchen of a smoky dive bar, serving patrons who are bobbing their heads to the metal and punk bands that play the joint.
Oh, and the guys occasionally sell their pierogies via bicycle, too.

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