Gravel Bikes: Canti or Disc?

Ahh...they seem to work just fine, but...
Gravel Bikes- (well, assuming you even agree that there is such a thing), usually have cantilever brakes these days. However; that is maybe more out of convenience/necessity than choice. Cyclo cross bikes, for the most part, are cantilever braked bikes, and those bikes tend to dominate the gravel bike riding scene.

But there is a big push for disc brakes in cyclo cross circles these days. (Notice- I didn't say justwho was pushing for this.) So bikes like my Orange Crush BMC are sort of getting looked down upon. (See this post by BMC owner, Mike Varley on this subject.) However; for gravel races and riding, the disc brake is not a "slam dunk" idea. I want to give my thoughts on the matter here and maybe gauge your reactions in the comments to see just where everyone's minds are with regard to this. 

The argument for disc brakes is that they work better...... There are different ways folks will end that statement, but it always goes back to "they work better" than cantilever brakes. Okay, you might believe that, and say you know that to be "true", but I know a handful of guys that would tell you a different story. The story of T.I.V6 where several riders burned through their disc brake pads within 50 miles of the start and their cantilever braked counterparts rode onward. So, in bad weather, disc brakes are not necessarily the cure. In fact, they could be a disadvantage...

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