Inherent Value - Surly Bikes

I’d like to talk about bikes for a minute, and more specifically the value of bikes. See that bike hanging on the hook in your basement or garage?  How much money do you have into it?  What do you use yours for?  Are you getting your money’s worth, and how do you know?  Let’s face it - a bike is a fancy pile of metal and plastic. Its true value is no different than most other possessions – it’s in what you want it for and for what it can do for you.
Most things are designed to serve a purpose and sometimes more a window of potential uses than a specific purpose. Take the bicycle for example. The material and geometry are best suited to a style of riding, or a type of terrain, but the bike is not limited to that. I wouldn’t point a road bike down a full blown DH course, but you get the point.  The window of potential uses is fairly broad for most bikes. They’re remarkably strong and capable. It helps if the rider is too, but whatever. Run what you brung and you’ll do all right.