Lakewood may consider banning quadricycle from city streets: Road Rant []

road rant, rhoades carView full sizeDominic "Vinnie" Latessa bought this quadricycle to take his 10-year-old son, Tyler, for rides. Lakewood officials question whether it belongs on the street and and may take action to prohibit it from the road. 
Nothing in Lakewood's law book forbids Dominic "Vinnie" Latessa from pedaling a bulky four-wheeled vehicle on city streets . . . at least for the moment.
Mayor Mike Summers said he will ask City Council to close a legal loophole that allows the slow-moving quadricycle to mix with traffic. The soon-to-come request comes in response to a Lakewood Municipal Court ruling that there is not a "clear prohibition" against Latessa riding the golf cart-sized contraption on roadways.
Police ticketed Latessa in September for operating a "toy vehicle" in the street as he pedaled the quadricycle along Madison Avenue at Ridgewood Avenue. Road Rantwrote about the case after Latessa contested the citation.