Maxxon Wireless Brake Light

Why Need a Bicycle Brake Light?

  • According to statistics, majority of bike-related accidents happened by being hit !!  There are over 20 million bicycles sold in the U.S. each year nowadays, and there are thousands of injuries and deaths out of accidents each year too. Here you can find important statistics. Unlike most European countries, most roads in the States don't have bike lanes, which forces bike-riders to ride closely with cars, trucks or motorcycles, and thus exposes themselves to great dangers......Also when riding in a group, bike-riders tell us that accidents happen because the guy in front slows down or stops and the one behind doesn't notice in time. Even 0.01% risk should be avoided, and our brake lights are here to help reduce the accident probability. Don't let any "tiny" risk become a "big" devil standing in your life !!
  • Can a mere flashing light protect you enough????    Flashing lights only work at nighttime, so apparently, it can not protect you at all at daytime. And also, flashing lights don`t send signals of braking to the following vehicles, therefore, is of limited protection at nighttime too. MAXXON bicycle wireless brake light (works both day and nighttime) will be giving you and your lovely bike excellent safety while riding !
  • MAXXON wireless bike brake light can provide you with better legal stance when facing an accident lawsuit too
  • To sum up, MAXXON Wireless Brake Light provides extra safety to riders, when
     riding in heavy traffic
     riding on the road along with cars, trucks, motorcycles and etc.
     riding in a group (ex. family tour, everyone rides very close to each other)
     riding on downhill roads
     riding at high speed.

Why Choose "Wireless" Brake Light ?

  • Compared to traditional "wired" brake light, MAXXON bicycle Wireless Brake Lights have the following advantages and features.
     Aesthetically appealing
     Widely applicable
     Highly durable
     Easily installable

Important Features of MAXXON Wireless Brake Light

  • (Industry's First Only) Employing Nintendo/Wii high technology, it turns 5x brighter when braking or slow down with easy installation (exactly same as installing a regular tail light, no extra hassles at all....... Please see our installation video at bottom of the page)
  • (Industry's First Only) It empolys PWM/Switching electrical technology to maintain stable brightness during low-voltage conditions and can save power up to 30%, and the stable brightness control makes it work with rechargeable batteries without sacrificing brightness. (All tail lights in markets, including brand names such as Cateye, Sigma, Niteriders, BikePlanet Serfas, Blackburn and etc. have no such function in their rearlights. According to experiments, their lights' brightness will get up to 40% dimmer when using rechargeable batteries)
  • World-strictest Germen K-standard approved, giving you high-quality brightness (total 0.5W equivalent brightness output with just 0.1W power consuming) with wide 240-degree lighting angles. With rechargeable batteries, MAXXON brake light has longest battery life in world under Germen K-standard brightness, at least three times much longer than other brand-name ones such as Nightrider(USA), Bikeplanet(USA), Cateyes(Japan), Sigma (Germany), and B&M(Germany).
  • It is 2007 Taiwan Innovative Prize Winner, and is honored with U.S. Patent no. US7649447B2, Japan Patent 3131558, Taiwan Patent M300350, and China Patent ZL200620116165.6
  • Equipped with the automatic power-on (within 30 sec of riding, auto power-on into MODE_3 ), and automatic power-off functions (when still over 4 mins) 
  • Equipped with a low power indicator (when voltage lower than 2.25V)
  • Max Alkaline battery life:  MODE_1<200 hrs>, MODE_2<100 hrs>, MODE_3<800 hrs>

How does it work?

  • Unlike traditional "wireless" brake light that uses RF radio transmitter , MAXXON brake light requires no radio transmitter  installed on brake levers and works on both V- and disc brakes. Our product mainly comprises two main U.S.-made IC chips: a micro-controller and an accelerometer sensor. Its soul, our software technology, is embedded inside the micro-controller, so making it possible to properly detect deceleration of a bicycle.....Therefore when it detects a "material" deceleration, then the system will give off brake lights to warn the vehicles behind you for extra security.
  • PLEASE NOTE: There are two circumstances that it would not give off brake light even when brake levers are applied. When on downhill roads brake levers are pressed in attempt to simply keep bike steady speed, the system would not give off brake light since there is no deceleration detected despite the brake levers pressed.  Another circumstance: the brake light would not respond to "slight" deceleration. The brake light is designed to detect "material" deceleration, not "slight" deceleration. This is so designed because if the brake light is designed to even respond to "slight" deceleration, the brake light would suffer three major drawbacks: (a) the brake light may undesirably mis-function on slight deceleration caused by natural mechanical friction or headwind resistances despite of no actual braking, (b) would lose attentions actually in the long run due to too frequent "light-up", like the story: "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" effect, (c) would unnecessarily suffer more power-consuming due to too frequent "light-up".....We have done countless experiments and road tests, designed the technology to work at a reasonably good condition in the view of maximally protecting riders' safety, and industrial-first&only obtained world-strictest Germen K-standard approval/accreditation in this kind of technology field.
  • PLEASE NOTE: At regular deceleration the brake light has about 0.2 second delay response (because the micro-controller IC needs sufficient time to analyze and judge so as to avoid mis-functioning on undesirable slight deceleration), while at severe deceleration the brake light has no delay response perfectly.  Some users feel that the brake light is not sensitive enough, the reason is the 0.2S response delay. When users press brake levers harder and harder gradually, they would feel the brake light responds at the time point when the brake levers are already pressed sufficiently hard, which gives them the feeling that the brake light is only responding to "hard braking".  However, if users press brake levers steadily at one shot (not press harder gradually) to make steadily light deceleration, they should feel that even light deceleration (not slight deceleration) would activate our brake light with no problem.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Our wireless brake light is only suitable for all kinds of regular bicycles, but NOT motorcycles or motorbikes (unless they are within 20 KG in weight)

How are consumers` experiences and testimonials?

  • "Wireless brake light?  Initially I thought it is just a gimmick, but it indeed gives me extra feel of secure after use, I love it !"  by John Deere, Ohio  
  • "Other than the function to make brake light cableless, I am especially fond of its stable-brightness function. Due to frequent commuting I use rechargeable batteries often, and found maxxon light stays quite same brightness, which quality I couldn't find in my Cateye mounted on another MTB"  by HuiWa Lee, Taiwan  
  • The fact: Maxxon wireless brake light has been the best-selling bike rear light in the two major online shopping sites of Taiwan (Yahoo and PChome) nevertheless its highest price among 30 listed rearlights including Cateyes and Sigma.  Please see Taiwan YAHOO and PCHOME Shopping Mall. Highest price and best selling ?! There is only one reason to explain this - It is a must-have item with good reputation among bikers. So start to experience it today !!
  • Special thanks to GIANT Professional Team (Asia), who purchased our brake light for their daily training. "I like this light. Although our professional team usually don't use lights to save the weight, however when we train in a group, we found out brake lights do give us more safety, and safety is always the first priority !!" by GIANT Professional Team Manager Mr. Chang
  • Special thanks to KHS (USA, Bikes, who has started to equip their high-end bikes with Maxxon wireless brake light as a standard part to enhance riding security!! 
  • Special thanks to Easy-Pedal Bicycle Rentals & Sales (Canada,, who equips all their 100 electric bikes with Maxxon wireless brake light to enhance riding safety and to comply with the Alberta Transportation and Safety Acts in Canada!!
  • Special thanks to Peddlers Bikes & Recumbents USA, ) in Ohio, who really cares about safety of its customers, and just have become our dealer and sold out 14 units just in a month !! "We have seen many products in our 30 years of business, but this Wireless Brake Light is one of the best. It is very easy to install and is very user friendly! This brake light powers on and off automatically to keep you safe even when you forget that it's there! Try this Wireless Brake Light and protect yourself while you are cycling." by Dave (Peddlers Bikes & Recumbents Shop Owner), Ohio, USA.