SSUK’G2013 is 3rd May to 6th May 2013 [from Charlie the BikeMonger]

What... SSUK’G2013 is the Single Speeds UK Gathering.

Why... well you see it didn’t happen in 2012 which was a shame, so for 2013 I am looking after you all down here on the Dorset Coast, with a slight twist to the riding aspect of the event.

When... 3rd May to 6th May 2013

Where...  Swanage, Dorset, UK

Pre Event Thing... some sort of social ride, beach party, pub stop, gig thing on Saturday.

The “Event” thing... On Sunday. Rather than a flat out XC race where most folk only do a lap (you slackers) it’s in a “Sportive” format, which sounds a bit roady, but allows us access to all the good trails.  A group ride starting at the beach in Swanage will take us to the Bankes Arms in Studland. From here there is a course that takes in some great scenery, singletrack, castles, pubs and cake shops. It concludes at the Square & Compass in Worth Matravers. The route might be lightly marked, but  there will be maps, or just follow a local. The event is timed (bring a watch), so we can all compare our single speedyness and show off, with the best  times getting some sort of recognition. It’s about 25 miles per lap... two laps will secure some sort of victory and make the really keen folk suffer. It’s not a race, it’s an off road reliability trial.

There will probably be no marshals, very little in the way of markings, no medics, so look after yourself. 


Camping...  Yeah sure. It’s at California Barn on the hill above the town of Swanage. We have room for 100 campers if we all squeeze in. Small campervans are cool, big ones probably not.  You get toilets, cold water, fire pit, and big views across the sea. If the camping here sells out, you will find other campsites nearby at Toms Field and Acton Campsite which you can sort out yourself.

Not Camping... What’s wrong with you? Anyway there is a barn/chalet, and a shed on wheels available at California barn, feel free to book it directly... Elsewhere in and around town you will find countless hotels, B&Bs, bunk house ( and a YHA.

Bikes... anything without gears goes, but be aware that this is offroad, so whilst not impossible on a drop bar fixie, its not the best bike for the job.

£25.00 without camping.

SOLD OUT.... £30.00 per person, which includes. 

Signing up...

CHAPS... READ THIS... TAKE IT IN... GET IT... There are 100 cramped camping places, that is for 100 people, not necessarily 100 tents. So small tents, and get sharey. Actually it’s a little less than 100, as I am saving some  for the guys who are bringing swag from Surly Minneapolis and elsewhere.
Max numbers for the event itself are 200 all in.

BE COOL.... This is a very low tech way of getting places allocated... So we are all going to have to be a little cooler than the guys who organise the TDF. I have 100 camping spots at California farm. But there is camping nearby... once they sell out use the list below... the first campsites on the list are nearer the main campsite, the last places are nearer the Square and Compass... it’s all local....


CAMPERVANS... If you bring a camper, email me at and just tell me, and we... I mean” I” will allocate some space. No electric hook up,  no thrills. No room for big campers... bay window size VWs are cool. It’s a tight lane so no room for Iron Maiden Tour Buses unless you are Iron maiden... then it’s OK.
FAMILY CAMPING... want hot water, showers, posh stuff like that... go for the overflow camping options. You are welcome at the main campsite, but women like soap and fancy shit.
KIDS... man the kids are alright... bring your little people with you, no charge.

Racing kids... sorry kids 18 YEARS AND OVER ONLY.
DOGS... they are cool and welcome.
OTHER HALF who is camping at California farm but not riding... I am afraid its the same fee, but they get a shirt if we have them.


To enter... send money to me via paypal at               SSUK2013@YMAIL.COM   this email address is not an email address, no comms please.


  • SOLD OUT... California Farm... was £30 + something... Friday, Saturday, Sunday night camping and social stuff + reliability trial.
  • PLACES LEFT... Sorting you own Camping...  £25 + something.... Reliability trial, and social stuff only... sorting your own camping at the overflow campsites, or B&Bs, hotels etc.
  • What the hell “+ something”?   Yeah, you have to bring something with you, drag it round the trial, and then throw it into the massive effin’ great prize stash at the end. All the  somethings will be dished back out to the single speeders is some sort of award ceremony.  “Something” can be booze, combustibles, shirts, stickers, home baked food, home grown vegetables,  pies, horse meat, livestock, old bike components, or  Joe Breeze frames from the 1993 in 22” please.
  • Once we get to 100 California farm places, I will update this webpage... if I have oversold, I will send you a fiver back, and we all will be semi grown ups and stay cool, and you will sleep down the lane elsewhere.
  • If you book multiple people on one payment, make sure it a multiple of £25 or £30 and not mixed. And add the name of ALL the people on the booking to the paypal notes.
  • Once I have booked up the ale houses, if I have cash left you will get a shirt and maybe more.
  • Did you read that? Did you get it? The thing to take away from this is that it is all low rent, half baked and you know what... it will be better for it. If you want something nicer, wiggle organise sportives for geary folk.  I have a bikeshop and a family... and a really damned big basset hound called Captain, and surfboards, who all need me to work my cute arse off... so please don’t bombard me with what tyres, what ratio questions. And let’s all be cool, even if it all goes a bit wrong.
  • NEED to get hold of me... if you NEED to.
  • One gear... just one... one. ONE.

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