This Slick, Foldable Electric Bicycle Is Almost Impossible To Steal [FastCompany]

The concept e-bike, called the NCycle, has everything a cyclist could dream about: a holographic display, an innovative locking system, even a hidden pocket for your stuff.

Many electric bicycle designs are clunky; they look like bloated regular bikes with motors. There are exceptions to that rule, like the arched PiCycle. And now we have theNCycle, a skinny concept foldable electric bike that comes with a handlebar locking system--no outside lock necessary.
Designers Skyrill and Marin Myftiu explain:
Doing away with cables, most of the system consists of the handle bar itself. With dual handles for multiple positions and comfort, the handle bar is appropriately loop-shaped to fit most of the poles and steel bars in the city. Closing the loop when locked is again a hardened steel tube sliding from one of the handles, which makes the locking [mechanism] virtually impossible to break or cut with any kind of man-powered pliers, in the end, making it almost impossible to steal the vehicle.

The concept bike endeavors to solve other problems plaguing cyclists, including object transportation (the bike is equipped with a retractable pocket--much more attractive than a basket--that slides between the bike’s metal plates), the awkwardness of foldable frames (supposedly this one can fold up in two seconds and still remain sturdy), and headlights, which are a part of the handlebar...
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