Velosurance - Insurance for bicyclists

Why bicycle insurance?

Until Velosurance cyclist losses went largely unpaid by any insurance. Whether at your home, on your auto, riding the trail or the road, bicycles are rarely covered for theft or damage. Velosurance offers the availability of a multi-risk, stand alone insurance policy allowing cyclists to insure their bikes for physical loss, damage, and liability.

Who is Velosurance?

Velosurance is a national insurance agency founded by two cyclists in response to the insurance needs of bicycle riders nationwide. After more than 3 years of development we partnered with an A rated, US insurance company to introduce a multi risk policy offering protection to all types of cyclists.

What is covered?

The policy issued through Velosurance is available as a multi-risk policy with the option to add additional coverages to protect the policy owner against many types of losses. You choose the coverages and the premium.
  • Crash Damage to Frame & Wheel Set
  • Failure Damage to Frame & Wheel Set
  • Total Loss by Crash
  • Total Loss by Theft
  • Theft of Spare Parts
  • Liability to Others
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Replacement Bike Rental
  • Riding Apparel Damage
  • Medical Payments
  • Injury by Auto Contact
  • Borrowed Bicycle Coverage
  • Event Fee Reimbursement

Velosurance Trusted Partners

Velosurance has partnered with local bike shops throughout the USA to provide our policyholders with service when a damaged bike needs repair or replacement. Trusted Partner bike shops are listed on the Velosurance website so no matter where you need service there is a Velosurance Trusted Partner nearby. Our policyholders are also free to choose their preferred service location.